Russian Train Schedules

The calendar will highlight any days that trains are departing between your selected cities and the Scheduled Trains section will list all trains running for your chosen month.

Clicking on a day in the calendar will highlight trains departing on that day and give you an option to book tickets for these trains. If you click on the schedule option for a train then the calendar will highlight departure dates for the selected train.

Schedule options

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Dates on which trains are available are highlighted in red. Click on the calendar to highlight the trains that travel on a selected date.
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Scheduled Trains

Below is a list of all trains based on your schedule options. Click on the schedule option of a train to view its specific schedule, on any of the icons for more information about the train type or the train number for train route information. Please note, while the schedule data is read "live" directly from the Russian railways database and for planning purposes can be considered to be the published future schedule, they do not confirm train schedules more than 60 days in advance of departure.
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